Launch, manage & scale your charging station network. Unlock the future of green energy with ChargedUp, Europe's first and largest charging solutions provider. We always use the latest technology, ensuring our seamless approach takes you from concept to implementation faster than ever. Partner with ChargedUp today and experience unmatched innovation and reliability for your business.

ChargedUp portable power bank for charging mobile devices, featuring integrated cables for Android, USB-C, and iPhone

This image showcases a world map with markers indicating ChargedUp franchise locations across various continents, including North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. The map highlights ChargedUp's global presence and the potential for expansion into new markets. It serves as a visual representation of the company's extensive reach and opportunities for prospective franchisees to join a worldwide network

Expand ChargedUp into your region as a partner! ChargedUp has successfully grown in diverse markets worldwide, providing an innovative platform for establishing and scaling green energy charging networks. As a partner, you acquire charging stations and position them in popular areas where people frequently need to power up, creating a steady income stream.

Our Hardware Solution With our comprehensive service, you can skip the hassle of supply chain management. We handle certifications, testing, delivery, and product development and offer convenient card-tap solutions to streamline your operations and enhance user experience.

 Comparison of ChargedUp large and small stations for power bank rentals, showcasing their design and features for mobile device charging
This image displays the ChargedUp dashboard, which provides a visual representation of data analytics. It features various graphs and charts that depict metrics such as power bank usage, performance statistics, and customer engagement. This tool helps venues and businesses track and optimise the effectiveness of their ChargedUp charging stations.

Remote Business Management Stay in control of your business with the ChargedUp Dashboard. Manage and monitor everything from user interactions to individual charging stations, all from a single, intuitive platform, no matter where you are.

This image illustrates the division of responsibilities between ChargedUp and their partners. ChargedUp provides hardware development, software development, customer support, and tech support, while partners are responsible for business development. The visual icons highlight the comprehensive support ChargedUp offers to ensure seamless service delivery and business growth for its partners

Partner Success We are dedicated to ensuring the success of every partner. You’ll be assigned a dedicated partner success agent and gain access to a wealth of knowledge and experience from our network of partners across the entire ChargedUp community.

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