What is ChargedUp?

No one wants to leave their device in a charging locker, behind a bar or with reception anymore.

With ChargedUp, they don't have too.

Give your staff and customers access to the most convenient way to charge their devices in your venue.

How it works...

The benefits of ChargedUp

ChargedUp is the simplest, quickest and most effective way for you to provide phone charging to your customers

increased dwell

The average rental time for a ChargedUp user is 90 minutes. That could be 90 more minutes spent in your venue as opposed to leaving because they were about to run out of charge.

getting home safe

Having a charged device is a key component for customers and staff getting home safe. Whether this be for accessing public transport, booking cabs or keeping in contact with friends, family or if absolutely necessary, emergency services.

increased spend

Increasing dwell time in your venue can lead to an increased number of purchases and as a result driving more spend per head from your customers.

add to the customer experience

Many of your customers see their phones as an extension of themselves and want to avoid a dead battery. Your customers expect to be able to charge wherever they go and ChargedUp is the most consumer-friendly way to charge.


92% increase in dwell time, leading to increased spend per head

Power in your hand all cables included

stay connected, tap & charge

To get a power bank customers just need to tap their card or phone on the built-in reader or by using the ChargedUp app.

Where do our stations work?

trusted by 1000's of venues across the UK

What we need from you...

The only thing we need from you is access to a plug socket and some prominent space in your venue.

*charging stations and power banks are provided to all venues free of charge as users pay a small fee to use the service

Join the UK's largest phone charging network

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