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How do I get a ChargedUp station and what does it cost?

ChargedUp is completely FREE to venues! To get a station, all you need to do is complete this form and we will dispatch a station to you as soon as they are in stock.

What happens when the station arrives at my venue?

It couldn't be simpler to get your ChargedUp station set up. All you need to do is take it out of the box, place it in a prominent location and plug it into the mains power, then it is ready for use. Simple!

How does it work?

To use ChargedUp, users simply need to tap their card on the built-in card reader and a power bank will appear like magic from within the station. The user can then take the power bank with them to charge their device. Once finished charging, users simply return the power bank to the station by placing it in an empty slot. If people need help, they can follow the on-screen instructions for assistance.

How much does it cost to rent a power bank?

Rentals start from as little as £1 per hour. After returning the power bank, the rental period ends and the user is charged accordingly. For example, if the rental price at a station was £1 per hour and the user's rental period was 2 hours, they would be charged a total of £2 upon returning the power bank.

Am I responsible for maintaining the hardware?

Nope! We take care of all maintenance, liabilities and customer service associated with our charging stations and power banks.

What happens if the ChargedUp station is too full or totally empty?

If it’s too full to return a power bank to it, or doesn’t have any rentals available, locate the nearest station via the app. You may need to “refresh map” upon navigating around. Our network is growing daily!

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