Our guide to a great night out in London

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1)   Neverland London

 Located just by the River Thames in the south of Fulham, Neverland London is something like you’ve never seen before. This truly unique beach club venue allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of London and makes you feel like you’ve travelled to a tropical island. It offers a wide variety of Asian inspired foods as well as pizzas, and their cocktails are simply incredible. There are endless possibilities to enjoy yourself and is definitely a recommendation for this weekend! Also, your phone won’t run out of charge there…




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2)   Swingers

 Based on a 1920’s golf club set in the bucolic English countryside, Swingers combines crazy golf, great street food, and amazing drinks to make one incredible social experience. They’ve got two locations: Swingers The City, opposite The Gherkin, and Swingers Westend, just off Oxford Street. What’s not to love?!



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3)   Big Chill

 As the name suggests, this is one of the best places to relax after a week of hard work. The Big Chill organises a wide variety of insane parties, delicious food, and top quality drinks. DJs come in every Thursday to Saturday, and one can enjoy a so-called “Recovery Brunch” on Sunday. Definitely a must-visit for the weekend!



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4) Pergola Olympia

 As the most recent addition to the ChargedUp network, the newly launched Pergola Olympia has managed to introduce drinking and dining into a new era. The way they have turned unused and unloved spaces into incredible and beautiful venues is simply amazing. The iconic and historic Olympia London has never had a venue built on its roof, until now! It’s got something for everyone, make sure to go check it out this weekend!



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5) Treves & Hyde

 Treves & Hyde is a restaurant, café, and bar all in one. Their downstairs part is a unique coffee shop during the day, where they sell homemade pastries, cakes and sandwiches as well. As the day goes on, the top quality craft beers become more and more visible. The upstairs part is a great restaurant with an ever-changing menu. This is definitely one of the best ways to welcome the weekend on a Friday afternoon or evening, especially because the venue offers a cool and innovative phone charging solution!



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