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The Boris-Bike of Phone Charging: From an ambitious plan to an achievable reality.

ChargedUp has taken the bike-sharing model to mobile phone charging. We have developed a network of vending stations where users can borrow one of our power banks, use them to charge their phones on-the-go for however long they want, after which they return it to any station across our network. We understand the similarity between phone batteries, the flavour of chewing gum, and Henry VIII’s marriages.

 Sometimes they last. Usually, they don’t.

ChargedUp was created with the sole purpose of providing a solution to the problem every single person has, a phone crippled by poor battery. We want to help those who need to order an Uber after a night out; those who have an important business call to jump on with only 4% battery left; and those who simply want to stay connected throughout the day.

 We also aim to bring renewable energy to people’s daily lives. For that reason, we have partnered up with Ecotricity, ensuring the energy we use is 100% ‘green’ and renewable. ChargedUp battery packs are recycled at the end of their lives as well. This decreases the overall lithium demand.

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100% Green energy

After countless hours spent  designing the product, testing the service, and bringing in partners to work with, our ambitious idea has become extremely scalable and turned it into reality.

 Since our launch just over 2 months ago, our stations are currently in 50+ of the most popular venues across London, including Neverland, Pergola, Swingers, and Big Chill, receiving great reception in all. All our partner venues receive a free ChargedUp station and free advertising through our App, which users use to localise the nearest ChargedUp station.

We are located in over 50 venues across London
5000+ organic users and 250% user growth each week

We have acquired over 5000 organic users. This number is increasing exponentially, with around 250% user growth each week, and our best performing stations have already returned on investment (in just 2 months). Next to that, we have been working together with exciting events, such as TEDx London and World Forum Disrupt to provide phone charging for all attendees.

 Recently, we have placed a big order with our manufacturer, ordering approximately 300 stations and 2400 portable phone chargers. These are all ready to be deployed as soon as they arrive. Moreover, we are in final development stages of our latest phone charging station. More information on this will be shared later on…

With approximately 300 stations and 2400 portable phone chargers.

There are big things on the horizon here at ChargedUp. We are currently in talks with global companies on potential partnerships to help expand the network, successfully acquiring new London-based venues every week, and are set to open our doors for our next round of investment.

We are a team of young, bright and determined individuals, ready to take ChargedUp to the next level. Want to get involved? Just get in touch, follow us on social media, and keep an eye on our website!

For a full list of our venues, visit our website!
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