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ChargedUp provides the best phone charging solution for restaurants, bars, pubs, coffee shops and events!

We are continually looking to expand our network and increase the number of partner locations where ChargedUp is available. Our users aren't the only ones that reap benefits from ChargedUp, our partner locations do too. 

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250 ChargedUp Stations Live in London!

Charged Up has been a brilliant addition to the service we provide, giving guests a flexible and easy way to charge their phones in our pubs. We actually see new guests coming in to pick up a battery and stay longer as they know they have enough power to get their UBER or tap into the tube at the end of night
— Kris Gumbrell - CEO Brewhouse & Kitchen

How it works?

We can install our ChargedUp stations in your venue giving your customers a new way to charge their phones. We install, manage and maintain the stations leaving you to continue running your venue. There is no complicated on-boarding or installation process, we simply plug the station in and our app educates the users.

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